Why is a Parks Pass required?

Washington Island offers beautiful parks featuring unique beaches, breath taking lookouts and scenic trails. The Parks Pass is a user fee to help offset the cost of maintaining the parks. Costs include providing services such as trash removal, cleaning facilities and beaches, purchasing equipment and supporting preservation. NOTE: This is the first year of our Parks Pass program and just a starting point. We appreciate feedback and ideas! We'll be gathering feedback throughout our year and hope to make enhancements to the program in the future. 

What parks do I need a Parks Pass for?

  • Gislason Beach

  • Heritage Trail

  • Jill J.J. Jorgenson Memorial Park

  • Jackson Harbor Ridges and Carlin’s Point entrance of the Ridges

  • Little Lake

  • Mountain Tower (temporarily closed)

  • People’s Park

  • Sand Dunes Park

  • School House Beach

What does a Parks Pass cost?

Prices are PER PERSON:

DAILY: $5.00 

WEEKLY: $10.00 

ANNUAL: $25.00 ($27.00 if shipping)

The Parks Pass allows you to visit any Town park on Washington Island (a Parks Pass is not required at the Ballpark or Percy Johnson County Park).

Daily or Weekly Passes:

If you pay with cash or check at a park or at the Town Office, the paper form receipt is your pass. Keep this with you when you visit the parks. If you pay online, the email receipt you receive is your pass. Print it or keep your phone with you when you visit the parks.

Annual Passes:

Those choosing to purchase an Annual Pass will receive a tag as proof of purchase. The tag is a small plastic disc with the Parks logo and year printed on it. It includes a brass pin that allows you to easily pin it to beach bags, hats or clothing.  Annual tags can be purchased online and picked-up at the Town Office or can be mailed to your home address for an additional $2.00 to cover shipping. Annual passes can also be purchased at the Town Office with cash or check. The Town Office is located at 910 Main Rd. Town Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8 am - 3 pm. **Passes are ordered and will hopefully be available for pick-up at the office by Memorial Day Weekend**

Who needs a Parks Pass?

Everyone, except:

  • Children under 12 and Town of Washington children under 18

  • Town of Washington property tax payers

  • Veterans and active military personnel

  • Bus and train tour visitors (included in tour fee)

Passes are non-transferable.

We ask that hotel, motel, and vacation rental hosts (Airbnb, VRBO) inform their guests that EACH visitor will need a Parks Pass during their stay. Please share the link to the Parks website so they can plan ahead and purchase passes before their visit. 

When should I buy a Parks Pass?

Now! Plan ahead and buy a pass BEFORE you get to the parks. Annual Passes are good for the calendar year. 

Where can I purchase a Parks Pass?


The easiest way to purchase passes are here on our website, online using PayPal.

At the Town Office (COMING SOON)

Stop by the Town Office at 910 Main Rd. to purchase your parks pass (cash or check ONLY) and pick up your annual tag. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8 am - 3 pm.

At any park on Washington Island (COMING SOON)

Passes can be purchased at any park by completing a form and depositing cash or check into a secure lock-box.

How will this be enforced?

The Parks Pass program is operating under the honor system this season due to the budget and staffing challenges with establishing an enforcement system. We hope that visitors and community members will support the spirit of the program which has been established to support the Island parks as one of our most precious assets.

What are the park rules?

The Town of Washington Island has established the following rules to keep visitors safe and support park preservation. Please review all signage at each park for the most current rules.



Open sunrise until 11 pm



  • There are NO lifeguards on duty at any beach

  • Swim at your own risk

    • School House Beach water is cold, footing is unsteady and gets deep quickly

    • School House Beach raft water is very deep


Rock removal

Rocks of any quantity, size, shape may not be disturbed, removed, relocated from School House Beach or any Town property.

Fine of $250 


Foot traffic and parking

  • Only foot traffic allowed. No motor vehicles, motorcycles or ATVs on any beach or on any part of a park or beach other than designated roads, paths or parking areas

  • No camping or overnight parking 

  • No parking on west side of the road at Gislason Beach

  • Red Barn parking is only on town property directly across from the beach


No fires are permitted on any beach. Fires are permitted in designate grills or pits and must be extinguished before leaving the park. 


Please check the Wisconsin DNR Fire Danger level for Door County before starting any fires:



  • Dogs must be on a leash and under control of a person , except at School House Beach where no dogs are allowed on the beach under any circumstance.

  • Cats must be under control of a person

  • No other animals are allowed


Glass Bottles

No glass bottles allowed.



Motorized boats should not operate within 200 feet of the shore and no paddle boards, canoes or kayaks inside of the designated swimming area at School House Beach.